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The beauty of the Christian year is that it repeats; the seasons and festivals come around each year with their own emphasis on how our faith story is told and (hopefully) lived. For me that means that our telling of the story continues to provoke and challenge as I hear again familiar stories at different moments of my own life when circumstances change. However, with less and less people going to church though, that means less and less. Christmas and Easter remain popular festivals, but mostly our attention to the rhythm of the Christian year has pretty much gone. The same goes with what the Church teaches. We tend to stick with what is most familiar and comforting and it may not have changed very much since we were at school. Which would be strange if you look back and think how much the world has changed since you left school.

While some things do remain the same, our understanding changes. An obvious example – today, we probably know more about the world in which Jesus lived than did Jesus and his friends himself. We certainly know more about how the world works given the advancements of the sciences over the centuries.

The world we live in faces unparalleled challenges; while some of the solutions will be based on new technology, others will depend on changes within ourselves as we find new ways of living with each other and our environment that are not fueled by rivalry, competitiveness and consumption. For that we would do well to learn from the Wisdom teachings from around the world, including the Christian tradition. Our Christian faith is practical and invites us on to a journey of change in our search for wholeness and completeness in our lives and for those around us.

During our season of Lent (think spiritual Dry January or Stop October!) we are going to look at some of the big building blocks of our faith like forgiveness and salvation and see how they can help us on our journey of transformation. Full details next month but we will be meeting 1.00pm Wednesday at Haselbury and 7.00pm Wednesday in Crewkerne. Everyone welcome!

With best wishes for the month ahead

Jonathan Morris