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Sometimes in history something happens that changes things forever.
 Such events become milestones that mark a journey or, to use a different image, wells from which we can drink to refresh our vision, to rekindle our
hope and to keep alive the possibility of change and transformation. The fall of the Berlin wall or the end of apartheid spring to mind as events witnessed in my own lifetime. You may have had moments in your own life too, when
all of a sudden things seemed different, you had a glimpse into another world - one that was compellingly different if at the same time utterly familiar. And, if only for a while, you began to see in a new way. Maybe it was at the start of a new friendship or the birth of a child or a chance encounter that opened your understanding in a new way. Such moments become well springs of hope that sustain us, even if we fall back into old comfortable patterns of living that we know so well and are at least safe if not that exciting.
Change and transformation are complicated. That is as true in our own lives as it is in the great changes that mark history. The initial burst of hope changes into something less urgent and the possibilities that once seemed so close, now seem far away and unobtainable. We need to remember and remind ourselves that transformations do happen.

For the Church, Pentecost is just such an event of change and transformation. Not just the birthday of an institution but the birth of a new vision, where barriers between groups are exploded. Here a group of demoralised and down hearted disciples, discovered again that another world is possible. A new world which they had tasted and seen as they followed their teacher through the hills of Galilee, but which had seemingly been crushed by the powers that be – both religious and imperial. This other world continues to emerge in all sorts of places and people. Pentecost remains both a source of hope as we remember and an invitation to come along. See differently, they said, change the direction in which you are looking for happiness and you too will experience the fruits of a different spirit – patience, gentleness, peace, love joy, wisdom and compassion. That is Pentecost ...again and again.

With every blessing for the month ahead,

The Rev Jonathan Morris

Vicar of Haselbury, North Perrott and Misterton


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